Top 10 photo locations in Edinburgh, Scotland

With it’s cobbled streets and friendly atmosphere you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Edinburgh is a major city. It manages to maintain the charm of a small town, which other cities *cough, London, cough* fail to do.

As such there’s a ton of little nooks and crannies boasting fresh photo opportunities. We’ve listed the main photo locations in Edinburgh that we could find, but there’s as ever lots more you’ll be able to find using our search engine. Continue reading

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6 abandoned or derelict Abbeys in North England

Two things have surprised me so far with ShotHotspot. 1. Transexuals like to take geotagged pictures of themselves (do they need to be geotagged!?), and 2. we get a lot of search for abandoned buildings.

We know some of the searches are Urban Explorers scouting out their next location, which is cool*, but a lot are photographers trying to find that dilapidated look for their photo shoot.

This post lists some derelict Abbeys in the North of England. These hundreds of years old monasteries or convents have fallen into a state of disrepair, and are in that slow process of being reclaimed by nature. They make for fantastic photography opportunities and boast leading lines-a-plenty. Continue reading

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