9 creative ways and places to take a selfie

So you’ve snapped a selfie with a C-list celebrity, taken one in the bathroom mirror, done the high-angle pouting selfie, and now you’re after something different?

Once you’ve taken one selfie you’ve naturally got the urge to try and top it with the next. Also before you know it, the ‘interesting selfie’ wars break out on the social networks, and the pressure is on to up your game.

Hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration for your next selfie. Share them in the comments!

1. The Underwater Selfie

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous or have a waterproof camera/housing – why not try the underwater selfie.

Sabrina Asano underwaterImage: Mick Gleissner

YxYY Underwater PhotoboothImage: Ricky Montalvo

Of course if you don’t have an underwater camera you can still get a pretty cool shot.

[135- 365] Life is blurred underwater [ EXPLORE ]Image: Gemma Bou

2. The Astro Selfie

What could be more incredible than having space as your backdrop? But, it’s technically a bit fiddly to achieve – you’ll need a source of light (flash or torch), a camera with a wild angle lens (e.g. 17mm), a long shutter speed (e.g. 15 seconds), and a bit of patience. Photographer Matt Granger (formally ‘That Nikon Guy’) posted a great video on this very subject, worth a watch.

If you need to find a dark sky spot near you, try our ShotHotspot search engine, and try a search with the ‘Astrophotography’ tickbox.

Heaven's DoorImage: Jason Jenkins

Cielos de NoviembreImage: José Miguel

3. The Silhouette Selfie

If the selfie doesn’t have to be obviously you, the silhouette selfie is perfect and not too difficult to achieve.

Just find a spot with a dark foreground, and a light background, expose your camera for the background, and then jump in shot. And of course, if you want to find an urban spot like these to take your photo, our site will help you out. See these urban spots for example in London.

Milf ContourImage: darkday

Try framing your silhouette creatively.

selfie Image: sara’mer

4. The Shadow Selfie

Almost the same as the silhouette selfie, but not quite – you can play with perspective and shapes more the with shadow selfie. Try and find some interesting shadows to include, or just find a stunning vista. For the long sweeping shadows you’ll want to shoot at dusk or dawn.

Shadow Selfie with Rainbow at Nevada's Great Basin National Park Image: Beau Rogers

Silhouette (Selfie)Image: Dick Sijtsma

black friday rideImage: Robert Couse-Baker

5. The Spooky Selfie

With Halloween just around the corner it seems appropriate to include the ‘spooky selfie’. The key component to this is probably going to be the light and post-production.

If you’re a dab hand at Photoshop, why not get creative and give it that zombie vibe.

A- AliiceM Yashna

If you’ve got an off camera flash, try using it to light a portion of you body, and then quickly jump out of frame. You’ll get a ‘half-body’ affect.

Lurking in the ForestImage: Mark Seton

6. The Stunning Backdrop Selfie

It kind of goes without saying, but nevertheless if you happen to have a mountain to hand, you can’t beat a selfie with an incredible background.

Finding landscape photo location is ShotHotspot’s bread and butter, so give us a go and find a landscape spot.

Try and shoot at dusk or dawn when the light will be more complimentary to you and the background. Also, get someone to stand in the frame while you sort out the composition and focus, right before taking their place.

'Amongst The Mountains' - Mt Tryfan, Snowdonia

Saraa takes a "selfie" with the lakes in the backgroundImage: Alan Fieldus

7. The ‘doing something slightly strange’ Selfie

Just do something unusual. Enough said.

Fan Party SelfieImage: Hans-Jorg Aleff

8. The Multi-Exposure Selfie

To take this you’ll either need a funky camera with this feature, or be handy at photoshop. Either way, the end result is pretty unusual and awesome. For how to do this in camera, follow this great guide.

glance into the world | silhouette selfieImage: Katrina Silvana

9. The Animal Selfie

Is it still a selfie? Well not of you, but it’s something different and funny! I challenge you not to smile when looking at the dogs below…

Selfie!Image: Sandra Jovanovic

#selfie this is funny!Image: musyani75

Lets see your creative selfies then, link to them in the comments.

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  1. Dick Sijtsma says:

    thanks for using my photo in your blogpost. Appreciate it. It was taken at Mont Saint Michel, France: a great ShotHotSpot.

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