11 great photography locations in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona has a long history, steeped in Native American settlements, wars, gold mining, the wild west and stunning geology. That all makes Arizona’s capital a pretty special place for photographers. But with so much to offer, it’s all about finding the right place. Continue reading

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Top 10 breathtaking photo locations in the Grand Canyon

Nature is awesome, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Grand Canyon. Over the course of about 17 million years, the Colorado River has cut this beautiful scar through Arizona, and drawing flocks of people from around the world to see it.

But, unless you’re Superman or renting a helicopter, you’re unlikely to be able to see all 277 miles of it. Hopefully that’s where ShotHotspot can help. Here’s our top 10 breaktaking (mostly landscape) spots around the Grand Canyon. Continue reading

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