Top 10 photo locations in London

I’m not a fan of London. I suppose that can happen when you live close to any major city. But even I can’t deny that it does have some stunning sights that will leave any photographer straddling their tripod.

The sheer range of architecture on show in London is breathtaking. From the old Tower of London built in tenth century, to The Shard built in 2012, you’re guaranteed spectacular lines and shapes. With such iconic bridges and buildings, cityscapes are also a must if you’re visiting London.

We’ve used our search engine to compile this list of the top 10 photo locations in London. Being a photography website, this is aimed more at the photographer than tourists, although a lot of the spots suggest are all quite touristy. If you’re more an ‘off the beaten track’ kind of a person, I’ll do another Top 10 in the future for more unusual places in London.

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