Top 10 breathtaking photo locations in the Grand Canyon

Nature is awesome, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Grand Canyon. Over the course of about 17 million years, the Colorado River has cut this beautiful scar through Arizona, and drawing flocks of people from around the world to see it.

But, unless you’re Superman or renting a helicopter, you’re unlikely to be able to see all 277 miles of it. Hopefully that’s where ShotHotspot can help. We’ll help you research and plan the locations to take your photos so you can capture that awe-inspiring masterpiece.

Here’s a few of our favourite hotspots, but if you don’t see the right one for you, click the link below and you can begin your very own search.

Grand Canyon photo map

See another 20 photo locations in Grand Canyon

Yavapai Point

Yavapai Point is one of the best panorama locations you’ll find. As such it’s very touristy, but you’ll get fantastic shots over the South Rim, including unobstructed views over Bright Angel Canyon.

Hopi Point

A superb location for sunrises and sunsets, but can get a bit busy so get there early and plant your flag (or tripod) in your claim. It’s walkable from the various nearby lodges, or you can catch the red line shuttle bus.

Grandview Point

The shuttles don’t go to Grandview Point, so it might provide a slightly more peaceful alternative to the other points. It’s worth the 10 mile drive from Mather Point to capture the breathtaking views over the South Rim.

Lipan Point

Lipan Point provides beautiful views overlooking the Grand Canyon’s East Rim, although you’ll need your own car to get there.

Havasu Falls

Just 1.5 miles from Supai, this 100 foot waterfall is a stunner. The water flows all year round, but it’s a bit of a hike to get there so you may want to take a lighter tripod if you have one.

Bright Angel Point Trail

This is an easy 0.75 mile walk, with many stunning vistas which include San Francisco Peak. You and your tripod will make an excellent lightning conductor, so avoid at all costs if there are any thunderstorms brewing.

Mather Point

This is perhaps the ‘pin-up view’ of the Grand Canyon. It is beautiful, but if you’re after a unique shot perhaps you want to avoid this one.

Yavapai Point

The views from Yavapai Point peek into the inner canyon.

Mooney Falls

It’s the tallest of the Havasupai waterfalls, and can be challenging to descend. You’ll be contending with rock stairs, caves and tunnels to get there, but it’s sparkling blue waters will make it all worthwhile. Avoid if you’re not great with heights.

Navajo Point

Navajo Point is the highest point in the South Rim, and has great parking facilities. You’ll be able to capture great shots of Colorado’s ‘big bend’.

Let us know what we’ve missed!

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5 Responses to Top 10 breathtaking photo locations in the Grand Canyon

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  2. Barry Hoffman says:

    You missed one major thing. Go down a trail and get below the rim if you want to take photographs that are different from all the rest. Become part of the canyon, get in to it. Take photographs inside of the canyon instead of the canyon.

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  4. Lindsay says:

    What about down in the canyon? Like where Peter Lik took Phantom? Where was that image taken??

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