Top 10 photo locations in New York City

I was lucky enough to visit NYC in early 2012, but unlucky enough to not have ShotHotspot to help me plan my trip. I missed quite a few of these places, so if you’re heading that way you may want to check these out.

We’ve used our search engine to make this list of the best photo locations in New York City. It’s quite touristy, but we’ll do another one for the more unknown spots.

Map of Photo locations in New York City
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1. Times Square

It kind of goes without saying doesn’t it? With so much vibrance and colour, visiting Times Square is inevitable. But it’s also got to be one of the most over-shot place in the world so if you’ve taken any more unusual shots in Times Square, please share in the comments below.

2. Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park

This is one of the shots I missed, and I’m gutted. Again it’s the classic shot of Manhattan so being original is trickier.

3. Grand Central Station

Amazing architecture and artwork, and lots of interesting faces to get those candids. If you’re after some candid shots try the food court downstairs – captive audience!.

4. St Patricks Cathedral

5. Brooklyn Bridge

For the more abstract shots, try shooting on Brooklyn Bridge itself. The lines and angles lend themselves to some interesting shots. Can imagine it’s a great place for portraits also.

6. Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock)

I prefer the Top of the Rock to the Empire State Building (which didn’t make it on the list!). You get the benefit of being able to shoot the Empire State, plus on the other side of the building you get a great view of Central Park. And it’s about half the price (about $30 per person if I remember correctly)

7. Guggenheim Museum

Architecturally stunning, another gem that I missed on my trip!

8. Chinatown

Lots of colour and urban bustle to be shot here.

9. Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park

10. Flatiron Building

New York City

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