Top 10 photo locations in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is full of amazing sites, so it’s tricky to pick just 10 places to take photos. But I’ve tried my best to come up with just 10 using the ShotHotspot search engine. There’s a few more beach locations which didn’t make it in the list, so if you’re a seascape fan, you may want to have a look at all the hotspots in Sydney.

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1. Turimetta Beach

With its amazing rock formations and beautiful sunsets, Turimetta Beach will have you slipping on your wellies and reaching for your ND filter.

2. Narrabeen Pool

A beautiful rock pool conveniently just a short distance away from Turimetta Beach (or is it part of Turimetta Beach?). Either way, you’ll be glad you went.

3. Sydney Opera House Close Up

There’s so many shots of the Sydney Opera House from across the river – why not get up close and personal and capture the lines.

4. Curl Pool

5. Bronte Beach

6. Billabong Gardens

Cool graffiti and interesting faces around the Billabong Gardens area of Newtown.

7. The Royal Botanic Gardens

Great flora and and wildlife at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

8. St Mary’s Catherdral

9. Sydney Harbour Bridge from Jefferey Street

10. Taronga Zoo

If you don’t mind zoos or shooting captive animals, pay a visit to Taronga Zoo.

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