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Keywords: tres, puentes, melinka, sea, seascape, ferry, mar, fav, nube, strait, estrecho, magallanes, barcaza


  • Isla Magdalena-1.jpg
    Isla Magdalena-1.jpg
  • Isla Magdalena-2.jpg
    Isla Magdalena-2.jpg
  • the ark
    the ark
  • Isla Magdalena-3.jpg
    Isla Magdalena-3.jpg
  • ASMAR Magallanes Shipyard
    ASMAR Magallanes Shipyard
  • Melinka at Embarcadero Tres Puentes
    Melinka at Embarcadero Tres Puentes
  • 20170125082522_19AE9FAFB61C946D6EAFA2079B1CDF70
  • 20170125082532_A8D25F21E87DA191CD44D959EE05E28C
  • 20170125082537_FB18A05534BFA4182D20B0183FB69892
  • 20170125082559_CA715C03390E9E8E6118876562A0AEC9
  • 20170125082604_29B8C6482F6D60C01FACBA5B61EFB07E
  • 20170125082621_63E40FF69B956F95426910A578BCF7AE
  • 20170125082632_B3D2463FF209C7ED87F2D298AA336823
  • 20170125082656_8337221246FE44AECFE43BAC4DC78D3E
  • 20170125090718_4BF88DB3E550F979C8998F955F75C6FC
  • 20170125090724_B9940A0AC8EF76834FC8F4AA305DA84E
  • 20170126170758_49FA66CC4453D9D8BA7AA754E6E0D286
  • 20170126170802_F189722CEB063C122104B25E63D6A57E
  • 20160320101255_B7BB4440BC6CEF773FEC6B1488617F7B
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    Keywords: albatros, new, naturaleza, nature, birds, fauna, island, libertad, freedom, wildlife, pajaros, oiseaux, faune, libertee, elgalopino, miss, universe, negra, falkland, ceja, sourcils


    • Miss Universe 2011
      Miss Universe 2011
    • TRIVIA ACERTADA Por RAKEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
      TRIVIA ACERTADA Por RAKEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Long tailed meadowlark - Sturnelle australe - Turpial de Cola Larga - Sturnella loyca
      Long tailed meadowlark - Sturnelle australe - Turpial de Cola Larga - Sturnella loyca
    • Antarctic skua - Labbe antarctique - Págalo subantártico - Catharacta antarctica
      Antarctic skua - Labbe antarctique - Págalo subantártico - Catharacta antarctica
    • Black browed albatros - Albatros à sourcils noirs - Albatros de ceja negra - Thalassarche melanophris
      Black browed albatros - Albatros à sourcils noirs - Albatros de ceja negra - Thalassarche melanophris
    • Miss Universe 2011!
      Miss Universe 2011!
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    Keywords: lago, patagonia, chile, pehoe, lake, torres, del, paine, water, lagopehoé, pehoé, shadowed, sunrise, _mg_1787, peaks, loscuernos, cloudy, nationalpark, sabbatical, snowcap, mountains


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