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Keywords: diego, garcia, atoll, indianocean, navy, ocean, british, indian, roger, diegogarcia, hickey, seabees, territory, island, plantation, park's, biot, orchid, pier, jim, old


  • Hickey-1972-DG Cemeteries-950-439801-R1-66-66_124
    Hickey-1972-DG Cemeteries-950-439801-R1-66-66_124
  • Plantation Pier
    Plantation Pier
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-77-77_135
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-77-77_135
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-76-76_134
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-76-76_134
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-71-71_129
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-71-71_129
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950439801-R1-78-78_136
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950439801-R1-78-78_136
  • Jim Park's PBY Catalina
    Jim Park's PBY Catalina
  • RogerHickey-Katie 1972
    RogerHickey-Katie 1972
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-74-74_132
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-74-74_132
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-52-52_110
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-52-52_110
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-17-17_075
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-17-17_075
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-57-57_115
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-57-57_115
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-73-73_131
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-73-73_131
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-61-61_119
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-61-61_119
  • Orchid in the old Plantation....
    Orchid in the old Plantation....
  • Diego Garcia Coconut Plantation Aerial View
    Diego Garcia Coconut Plantation Aerial View
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-28-28_086
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-28-28_086
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation0950-439801-R1-63-63_121
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation0950-439801-R1-63-63_121
  • Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-80-80_138
    Hickey-1972-DG Plantation-950-439801-R1-80-80_138
  • Diego Garcia, BIOT by the Plantation
    Diego Garcia, BIOT by the Plantation
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Not Curated

Keywords: ancien, quai, soloman, islands, biot, 5/6/2005, boddam, island

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Keywords: beach, island, calm, snorkeling, inside, rim, lagoon, walking, bus, stop, white, sand

Water/CoastalTransport (Cars, Trains)

  • The calm beach on the inside rim of the island
    The calm beach on the inside rim of the island
  • walking from bus stop to the white sand beach
    walking from bus stop to the white sand beach
  • Snorkeling in the Lagoon.....
    Snorkeling in the Lagoon.....
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Keywords: rainbow, buff, takeoff, south, ramp, full, aircraft, move, ruzyně

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