Best places in Guam for photos

Guam is a place of stunning natural beauty, and it's a great destination for photographers who want to take stunning photographs and record some of the spectacular views and images that the island has to offer.

The vast and diverse ecosystem of Guam, with its vast ocean views, festive beaches, lush jungles, and towering cliffs, makes it an ideal place to capture everything from breathtaking panoramas to small and detailed shots.

The most notable photo hot spots on Guam are overlooking the majestic Tumon Bay, the crystal-clear waters of Apra Harbor, and the vibrant turquoise waves at Ypao Beach. For a view of nature and wild life, the breathtaking views of Neretas and Marbo Caves, the Talofofo River, and the Piti Bomb Holes are perfect.

To capture the festive culture of the land, the beautiful grounds of Guam’s Chamorro Village are the best place for photographers to walk around and capture the fun atmosphere of the place.

Whether you're a professional photographer or just a recreational one, Guam offers some of the most amazing views and photography opportunities. From the natural beauty of the land, sea and people to the vibrant cities, Guam is an amazing place to visit to capture some great photos.

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    • A little crab at the beach
      A little crab at the beach
    • SIrena Beach
      SIrena Beach
    • Yet another picture of the sunrise
      Yet another picture of the sunrise
    • Freshwater streams flowing into the ocean
      Freshwater streams flowing into the ocean
    • Cool butterfly
      Cool butterfly
    • Morning at Sirena Beach
      Morning at Sirena Beach
    • Sunrise at Sirena Beach
      Sunrise at Sirena Beach
    • Sirena Beach in Guam
      Sirena Beach in Guam
    • Sunrise at Sirena Beach
      Sunrise at Sirena Beach
    • Sirena Beach in Guam
      Sirena Beach in Guam
    • Picture from Tarague Beach, Guam
      Picture from Tarague Beach, Guam
    • A butterfly caught in a spider's web.
      A butterfly caught in a spider's web.
    • A bunch of butterflies.
      A bunch of butterflies.
    • 2009 12 21 Andersen Beach 74
      2009 12 21 Andersen Beach 74
    • 2009 12 21 Andersen Beach 51-59 Panorama 3
      2009 12 21 Andersen Beach 51-59 Panorama 3

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    • Sponge and Coral, Gab Gab 1, Apra Harbor, Guam
      Sponge and Coral, Gab Gab 1, Apra Harbor, Guam
    • Untrusting Green Sea Turtle, GabGab 1,  Guam
      Untrusting Green Sea Turtle, GabGab 1, Guam
    • Beds of soft and stony coral.  Gab Gab 1 Reef, Apra Harbor, Guam
      Beds of soft and stony coral. Gab Gab 1 Reef, Apra Harbor, Guam

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        • Narrow Harbor View
          Narrow Harbor View
        • Taking the Shot
          Taking the Shot
        • Real Pros!
          Real Pros!
        • Da'ok Fruit
          Da'ok Fruit
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        • Guam Museum
          Guam Museum
        • Locked
        • Pink Spattered Blossoms
          Pink Spattered Blossoms
        • Dial it In
          Dial it In
        • Peering Into Another Dimension
          Peering Into Another Dimension
        • CoatButtons Out of the Gloom
          CoatButtons Out of the Gloom
        • Alien Blossom (wide)
          Alien Blossom (wide)
        • Take it From the Top!
          Take it From the Top!
        • Sparkly Monkey Pod Flower
          Sparkly Monkey Pod Flower
        • Flaming Torch (Narrow View)
          Flaming Torch (Narrow View)
        • Flaming Torch (wide angle)
          Flaming Torch (wide angle)
        • Sky & Monument
          Sky & Monument
        • Backlit Monkey Pod Flower
          Backlit Monkey Pod Flower
        • Flowers in the Park
          Flowers in the Park
        • Delicate Alien
          Delicate Alien

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