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Keywords: sunset, seascapes, places, eos, telukgong, eos700d, coast, malaysia, sundown, beach, masjidtanah, shorelines, wideangle, mentari, teluk, gong, malacca, landscapes, 2016], waktu, colours


  • IMG_8899 ~ the end
    IMG_8899 ~ the end
  • IMG_8275 ~ 2 colours of sunset
    IMG_8275 ~ 2 colours of sunset
  • IMG_8241 ~ persinggahan waktu
    IMG_8241 ~ persinggahan waktu
  • IMG_8336 ~ di kala malam menyapa
    IMG_8336 ~ di kala malam menyapa
  • IMG_8281 ~ fenomena alam {Explore January 10, 2016]
    IMG_8281 ~ fenomena alam {Explore January 10, 2016]
  • IMG_8424 ~ the journey
    IMG_8424 ~ the journey
  • IMG 8679 ~ satu petang di teluk gong
    IMG 8679 ~ satu petang di teluk gong
  • IMG_8690 ~ sinar mentari tenggelam [Explore December 30, 2015]
    IMG_8690 ~ sinar mentari tenggelam [Explore December 30, 2015]
  • IMG_8918 ~ when time flies
    IMG_8918 ~ when time flies
  • IMG_8854 ~ penutup hari
    IMG_8854 ~ penutup hari
  • IMG_8847 ~ pabila mentari terbenam di teluk gong
    IMG_8847 ~ pabila mentari terbenam di teluk gong
  • IMG_8483 ~ kembar
    IMG_8483 ~ kembar
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Keywords: melaka, malacca, selat, mosque, masjid, malaysia, straits, sunset, view, water, dusk, island, lightning, strait, msajid, front, alan, مسجد, storm, pulau, minaret


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Keywords: melaka, river, malacca, malaysia, red, sunset, reflection, view, explore, chinatown, 马六甲, little, melacca, unesco, church, xavier's, ☆stfrancis, town, circa, corridor, picturesque


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Keywords: pandanusa, island, resort, pulau, besar

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    Keywords: melaka, malacca, river, sun, sunset, malaysia, shall, go, souls, tea, 我们去那里?where, westmalaysia, lost, tomorrow, into, dreams, kung, exit, fly, 一直等待著明天, keep


    Not Curated

    Keywords: malaysia, eye, melaka,大马眼, melaka, view,鸟瞰马六甲, ocean, harmony, 海天一色, melacca, 马六甲


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    Keywords: pantai, puteri, tanjong, kling,丹绒吉宁海滩, straits

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      Keywords: muar, sultan, ismail, sunset, 麻坡第一大桥, jambatan, malaysia, agas, giant, boats, muar桥渡, tfltfl, calm, emas, isolated, [7/365], tanjung, river, pink, candy, waters


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      Keywords: jasin, roundabout, replika, tengkolok, pekan, cinema, building


        Not Curated

        Keywords: magg, sari, taming, melaka, malaysia, portrait, tower, prime, fullframe, nano, malaysian, asian, f14, tower,淡敏沙里塔, cypixels, celciuz, djmagg, maggieong, chinese, site, heritage


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        Keywords: little, place, famosa, something, which, carriage, waterfall, memory, person, who, found, probably


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          Keywords: melaka, malaysia, malacca, melacca, temple, old, chinatown, jonker, 马六甲, chinese, mosque, jonkerstreet, street, hoon, cheng, teng, town, 马六甲街道, wall, bull, 马来西亚


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          Keywords: masjid, hotel, jamek, wangsamas, bhp, temple, exora, seri, 淡边新村, ᴹᴰᵀ, daerah, [email protected]


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            Keywords: orna, resort, golf, pool, course

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