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Keywords: hulbuk, fort, крепости, tajikistan, хулбук, pingan, сторожевая, ix, стена, древней, panorama, ворота, khulbuk, xi, башня


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    Keywords: wakhan, kashch, goz, afghanistan, pamir

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      Keywords: archway, pamirskaya, st, osh, pamir, highway, alymbek, datka, monument


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        Keywords: istaravshan, памятника, ancient, tajikistan, гора, муг, фрагмент, fortress, древней, крепости, view, statue, mug, teppe


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            Keywords: panj, river, badakhshan, border


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            Keywords: russian, orthodox, church, osh, zadneprovsky, monument


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            Keywords: yangiyer, water, tower, panorama


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              Keywords: kokand, masjid, uzbekistan, mosque, juma, jami, ceiling, madrassah, columns, oʻzbekiston, centralasia, people, scaffolding, veil, renovation, young, painters, decoration, carved, timber, fergana


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              Keywords: samarkand, taschkent, uzbekistan, usbekistan, jizzax, bukhara, samarqand, september, oktober, pek2fr, chiwa, rundreise, cycling, better!, #endless, 575日目、ゴール!, sunset, day!, train, blog, kanpei

              Sunset/SunriseTransport (Cars, Trains)

              • Uzbekistan
              • Entering Samarqand Province
                Entering Samarqand Province
              • [earth-marathon-blog:03347] りんご売りの少女。
                [earth-marathon-blog:03347] りんご売りの少女。
              • [earth-marathon-blog:03345] 575日目、ゴール!
                [earth-marathon-blog:03345] 575日目、ゴール!
              • PEK2FR | On the train to Samarkand
                PEK2FR | On the train to Samarkand
              • [earth-marathon-blog:03348] グレープフルーツの花。
                [earth-marathon-blog:03348] グレープフルーツの花。
              • Rundreise Usbekistan Taschkent Samarkand Bukhara Chiwa Taschkent September Oktober 2014
                Rundreise Usbekistan Taschkent Samarkand Bukhara Chiwa Taschkent September Oktober 2014
              • Jizzax Transporter Heu
                Jizzax Transporter Heu
              • Jizzax Holztransport
                Jizzax Holztransport
              • I doesn't get any better! Picture from the whopping 310 km cycling day! #endless straightness..   #cyclingdutch
                I doesn't get any better! Picture from the whopping 310 km cycling day! #endless straightness.. #cyclingdutch
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              Keywords: kostav, village, panj, valley, oyak, inşaat, yol, şantiyesinin, yeri, jack

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                Keywords: heteroclite, balconies, trade, union, house, balcony, building, tradeunion


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                Keywords: tadjikistan, ghost, dushanbe, abandoned, train, rusted, park, used, spin, rust, ride, long, gone, tchoohooo, metal, stomach, relic, carousel, merrygoround, decayed, decay

                Transport (Cars, Trains)Abandoned

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