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  • Walking through Atlantis.... I'd like to believe that such a place existed at one time... #atlantis #nassau #bahamas #caribbean #island #tropical #plamtrees #travel #placesihavebeen
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  • Are those sharks?! #atlantis #resort #sharks #nassau #bahamas #caribbean #island #tropical #travel #placesihavebeen
  • Higher
  • I Could Offer a Certain Level of Protection
  • Give Him Space
  • Your Carelessness With My Heart
  • Conversations With Fish
  • Decided to spend my bonus day at Atlantis continuing to learn with @mpkelleydotcom and #fstoppersworkshops rather than hitting the waterpark slides. I'm glad I did because I learned a few more tricks I didn't get to experience the first time. Overall
  • Family Vacation
  • Because Your Kiss is On My List
  • Fish Fly
  • Give Him Space
  • People Keep Repeating
  • Flies Into the Clouds
  • Atlantis; Nassau, Bahamas 2014
  • Atlantis; Nassau, Bahamas 2014
  • Jackson, 2010
  • Cocktails with the jellyfish at @atlantisresort #vacation #atlantisresort #atlantis #bar #jellyfish #bahamas
  • Don't Ever Look Back
  • Follow You Home
  • There Won't Be a Next Time
  • My Wife Making Memories For Our Four Amazing Children
  • Flies Into the Clouds
  • Poolside
  • Beauty and Wonder
  • How They See the World
  • Fish Fly
  • My Proposal
  • Purple Rain
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  • What's for Dinner
  • Another evening in Paradise Island comes to an end. I've been to a lot of workshops over the last 11 years as a professional photographer, and I think I can honestly say that #fstoppersworkshops focuses on craft, artistry, and supporting student success
  • Rob Grimm @rggphoto digs deep into his film archives to show us his work when he was starting out in food and beverage photography. Perhaps the best theme of the evening across all presenters was 'I was once where you are, and here's how I got from the
  • If you'd like to learn more about skin retouching, definitely check out Julia Kuzmenko McKim's new [RE]touched e-magazine- this woman knows the CMYK science and math of skin and color! #fstoppersworkshops
  • A lovely night out together with @mpkelleydotcom and his lovely girlfriend and UX designer. My husband rarely joins me for workshops and conferences because it's not easy being the plus one of a workshop instructor unless you really enjoy spending time
  • Thank you @mpkelleydotcom for enduring 8 hours of grueling questions, workflow, and photoshop for our benefit and growth. You rock. #fstoppersworkshops
  • My current view on Paradise Island... thrilling, right? :)

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