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    Keywords: university, college, west, campus, moonlight, north, south, residences, building


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    Keywords: graffiti, saskatchewan, sask, colour, cold, friggingcold, artwork, alley, paid, popular, albert, victoria, kmo_9176, kmo_9177, kmo_9179, kmo_9180, kmo_9181, kmo_9183, atm, paidgraffiti, color


    • KMO_9180
    • 150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti 2
      150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti 2
    • 150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti 1
      150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti 1
    • KMO_9179
    • 150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti 3
      150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti 3
    • KMO_9177
    • Paid Graffiti artwork is popular ATM
      Paid Graffiti artwork is popular ATM
    • 150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti
      150210 Saskatchewan - Regina Graffiti
    • KMO_9176
    • KMO_9181
    • Alley behind Albert & Victoria
      Alley behind Albert & Victoria
    • KMO_9183
    • A great Toastmasters meeting at Pile O Bones Toastmasters Club #toastmasters
      A great Toastmasters meeting at Pile O Bones Toastmasters Club #toastmasters
    • Attending a Toastmasters meeting in a credit union building
      Attending a Toastmasters meeting in a credit union building
    • Wall of kegs
      Wall of kegs
    • My last meal in Saskatchewan for this trip. Thanks to Shawn for his restaurant recommendations.
      My last meal in Saskatchewan for this trip. Thanks to Shawn for his restaurant recommendations.
    • 2014-08-30 21.11.04
      2014-08-30 21.11.04
    • 2014-08-30 21.11.36
      2014-08-30 21.11.36
    • 2014-08-30 22.11.35
      2014-08-30 22.11.35
    • Stage Piano 2
      Stage Piano 2
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