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This is one of three abandoned one-room, limestone schoolhouses built in the late 19th century south of Paxico, KS on Snokomo Road. This is the simplest of the three--the only one without a belfry and the closest to Paxico (a little over three miles south).

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  • new sidewalk and observation bench, Kanza Prairie observation area, near Manhattan, KS
    new sidewalk and observation bench, Kanza Prairie observation area, near Manhattan, KS
  • K177 Overlook, Riley County, Kansas
    K177 Overlook, Riley County, Kansas
  • Kanza prairie, Jan 2006, near Manhattan,KS
    Kanza prairie, Jan 2006, near Manhattan,KS
  • Kanza prairie in winter, near Manhattan, KS
    Kanza prairie in winter, near Manhattan, KS
  • Scenic view off K-177
    Scenic view off K-177
  • Kanza Prairie, view from near new observation bench, near Manhattan, KS
    Kanza Prairie, view from near new observation bench, near Manhattan, KS
  • View From 177 South of Manhattan
    View From 177 South of Manhattan
  • Sock Monkey Overlook
    Sock Monkey Overlook
  • lookout
  • Flint Hills Scenic Overlook
    Flint Hills Scenic Overlook
  • Kanza Prairie observation shelter, near Manhattan,KS
    Kanza Prairie observation shelter, near Manhattan,KS
  • K177 Overlook, Riley County, Kansas
    K177 Overlook, Riley County, Kansas
  • Lookout Point
    Lookout Point
  • Kanza prarie, June 2006, near Manhattan,KS
    Kanza prarie, June 2006, near Manhattan,KS
  • Kanza Prairie windmills, Observation Point, near Manhattan,KS
    Kanza Prairie windmills, Observation Point, near Manhattan,KS
  • The Konza (looking southwest)
    The Konza (looking southwest)
  • The Konza (looking west)
    The Konza (looking west)
  • Tallgrass prairie
    Tallgrass prairie
  • plains
  • JG6_5393
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