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We want your ideas!

What features would you like to see? This isn't a pointless PR exercise in an attempt to engage you, we really do want your ideas... there's every chance they will make it into the app. If your idea makes it in, we'll credit your name in the app. Email us your idea.

Get involved

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Major Features

So far, we're thinking

  • See a list and map of what hotspots are around you, with easy directions to them
  • Everything syncs with for desktop use when you get home
  • Easy way to save your current location as a photo hotspot, tag it, add notes and photos to it, and upload it to the ShotHotspot community
  • See a map of what photos have been taken near you
  • Browse and create lists of hotspots and add hotspots to them. Lists can be made public, or private (just you can see them)
  • It should be possible to mark the photo's you've tagged against a hotspot as private

Suggested By You

  • Good support for offline functionality [Thanks Sanjay, John!]
  • Display camera settings for images [Thanks Stephen!]
  • Have an option to see photos taken in the daytime/nighttime [Thanks Stephen!]
  • Ability to send locations to your car [Thanks Andy!]
  • Have basic tide tables/times or sunrise/sunset times in the app [Thanks Ollie!], including Golden Hour times [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Suggested 'guides' for locations in your area to walk you through a series of great spots [Thanks shipsupt!]
    • ShotHotspot Comment: Lists should cover this - we can suggest lists in your area.
  • Have a free app with the option to upgrade to a "premium" service [Thanks Jonathan!]
  • Have a look at Google's new Material Design specification [Thanks Steven!]
  • Suggestions of how to shoot locations, e.g. what settings [Thanks Steven!]
    • ShotHotspot Comment: Perhaps we could display the average settings that people used on their images for certain spots.
  • Show weather, and forecast [Thanks Steven!]
  • Rating system for hotspots, and commenting [Thanks Steven!]
  • Save and browse your previous searches [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • App should not take up too much space, resources or data [Thanks Candy!]
  • Should sync across all devices [Thanks Candy!]
  • Some sort of social aspect, e.g. to arrange meets [Thanks Stevie!]
  • When saving your current location it should be a single one-button action with the ability to edit it later (add notes etc) before publishing it or saving as private [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Encourage users to share their directions to the hotspots if not easy to get there via satnav [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Plan a route on Google Maps and find hotspots near that route [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Be able to favourite images for particular hotspots, and hide others [Thanks Richard!]
  • Operating hours/days of parks and recreation centers [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Geotag current position with time date and gps coordinates including altitude [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Include related info for the spot, like parking, toilets, eating establishments [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Links to Social Media i.e Instagram, Facebook [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Remove the ads. Consider a member subsctiption for ad removal [Thanks Michael!]
  • Ability to download an offline map of photo locations [Thanks Edwin!]
  • Overlay sunrise & sunset direction and time on the map (like tpe or sun surveyor) [Thanks Andy!]
    • Apps like TPE do a great job of this, so we'll leave this to them. We'll try and add a link which opens the map in TPE.
  • How accessible the spots are, can cars get in [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Link Facebook and Facebook photos [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Upload photos directly from computer or device [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Photo shoot locations with expert's recommendations (e.g. rated 3 stars or above) along route of planned trip [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Safety information, rating by users on how safe the area is as far as crime is concerned. [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Great locations to take pictures of cars / jeeps [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Make it FREE!! [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Using the already available EXIF data of the picture, a very strong hotspot personal recommendation engine could be built which would help people plan their photoshoots basis their own individual 'style' of photography [Thanks mitesharma!]
  • Just suggested categories and themes to find alternatives of similar styles [Thanks Adam!]
  • Categorised lists/themes so users of a particular style can find similar themed places and alternatives [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Add spots that have historical value [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Include a mileage radius search e.g. Show all hotspots within 5 /10/15 miles of this postcode [Thanks Topcat!]
  • Include postcodes with each location for sat have ease [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Include a diary of upcoming events [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Filter photo's on date so you can focus on the time you visit some are [Thanks Anonymous!]
  • Ability to export location map to other platforms,I.e. Email and control what formation is shown in export [Thanks Anonymous!]

What else would be cool to have? Email us

Open Questions

  • Should it be possible to create private hotspots, which aren't shared with everyone else?
  • Should you be able to use the app without being signed up to ShotHotspot?

By adding your ideas here, you agree that ShotHotspot can implement them without remuneration to you.